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Leveraging Your Technological Past for Future Success

We migrate legacy software solutions to secure, stable, and scalable platforms, preserving the business value of the solutions.


Converting, rewriting, or porting an older computer system to more contemporary computer programming languages, architectures (such as micro-services), software libraries, protocols, or hardware platforms.

The goal of legacy transformation is to maintain and even increase the value of an existing legacy investment by migrating to new platforms in order to take advantage of the benefits offered by emerging technology.


Our Legacy Software Modernization services offer a comprehensive solution to upgrade your outdated software systems. Our team of experts will assess your current software infrastructure and develop a modernization plan tailored to your specific business needs.

Software System Assessment and Audit

The only way to stop doubts about the state of your current software is through a system assessment. When assessing your software, our engineers consider many factors. These include crucial behind-the-scenes aspects like the quality of source codes, used frameworks, and third-party libraries.
They carefully determine the software’s interoperability with other business systems, its failure rate, and its overall performance, so that you can set up the right strategy.

Cloud Migration

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the use of cloud computing. However, practically every business has challenges when attempting to move its operations to the cloud for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is that their present solutions still use legacy components.
In our capacity as subject matter experts, we advocate for one of the cloud deployments and services that offers the greatest potential for effective cloud application modernization.

Desktop to Web Application Migration

Despite the fact that desktop computers are still a solid option for a variety of jobs, certain forms of software could slow down productivity. In most circumstances, the capabilities of desktop applications are insufficient to meet the requirements of modern life.
The modernization of web applications covers a variety of challenges, including scalability, changes to the user experience, and accessibility on mobile devices.

Software Re-Engineering

Legacy systems have enormous value in 70% of organizations. They are, however, imperfect and buggy, which reengineering could correct. We can reorganize the software or database, optimize the software architecture, and add new features to your current system using our extensive legacy application development expertise.
This method is extremely useful for resource rationalization, cost reduction, and maintenance ease.

Architecture Improvement

The most common cause of downtime or performance issues in your app is poor software architecture. We work on optimizing existing solutions by redesigning them and breaking them down into microservices.
Throughout this difficult process, our professional architects and developers ensure a smooth transition to the new architecture and allow for rollbacks if anything goes wrong. It enables you to easily extend functionality and improve app performance.

Legacy Application Upgrade

Regular maintenance or timely replacement of software systems is critical to the security and stability of an IT infrastructure. According to this viewpoint, your organization's custom solutions, frameworks, libraries, or third-party tools must be upgraded to a newer version.
Our software modernization services include the renovation of the most commonly used outdated tools, allowing you to achieve improved performance, easier future development, bridge security gaps, and maintain a better user experience.

API Integration

When combining different types of data, system integration as part of legacy transformation presents challenges. Whether on-premises or cloud platforms, solution interoperability is critical for businesses to become more efficient and compliant, particularly in the healthcare industry.
Our team meticulously plans API implementations or creates custom ones to allow the organization to be more flexible, unlock critical data, and expose more capabilities with minimal coding.

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Our development team will select a strategy for the subsequent work to be done based on the results of the evaluation as well as the current business requirements. Each of the available choices possesses unique qualities and was developed to cater to a certain set of requirements.

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