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Choose among the best finance options that are the most compatible with your business demands at this stage.
  • Quick Pay In Full Option. Payments without incurring any additional commissions.
  • Low APRs. Select from a range of financial options with competitively APRs of 12%-20%.
  • Pay in 4 or 8 interest-free installments. Split your amount to a few smaller payments.

*BFG iTech is a private company that solely offers financing options to its clients based on prior agreements for relevant services.
Pay Our
Services With No Fees
payments for 52 with 0.23%
payments for 104 with 0.19%
Biweekly Pay in
4 chargeswith 0% interest
Pay in 8 Biweekly paymentswith 0% interest
Monthly Bills with 12% APR for 12 months
Chargeswith 20% APR for 24 months

How does it work ?!

This is a Digital Marketing Strategy process presented as simple as possible

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  • Weekly/Monthly offers with 12%-20% APRs.
  • Pay later with Pay in 4 with 0%
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    Finance Options

    Take advantage above your competitors by having a powerful digital solution for your business getting service before your pay it out.

    Why choose BFG iTech

    Dealing with the most eager business owners, we care about high-rated services, options we work with, and the solutions we provide.

    No impact on your credit score
    Split your bill with 0% financing offers
    Easy setup of automatic payments
    Lower Interest for finance 12%-20%